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Strength Training For The 21st Century And Beyond


by Leigh Crews, QiClub Director of Education


Have you tried QiForze yet? You should! QiForze is the revolutionary strength and conditioning program from QiClub that trains your body with dynamic elemental moves, rather than isolation exercises. Why is that important? Think about the essential movements of life: you squat to sit, you pull to pick up luggage, a child, a grocery bag. At the same time you rotate, you stretch, you bend—but do you ever stand with your feet planted and do a biceps curl?

When you think about it, any possible human movement can be deconstructed to just seven (7!) Elemental Moves: push, pull, bend, rotate, squat, lunge and locomotion (aka walking). Notice that each Elemental Move is a complex symphony of muscles (plural), working and communicating. No isolation, ever! That’s how you really MOVE. Shouldn’t it be how you TRAIN? QiClub says, “YES!” QiForze workouts are built around seven Elemental Moves to provide improved strength, endurance and agility in fun and unique ways. Here’s an example, the QiFormance (song and movement combo) “Castaway” has just two primary movement patterns, gorillas and bridges. Yet, with those two patterns you work glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, front and back of your arms, shoulders and core. All that from only 3 of the 7 Elemental Moves! (push, pull, squat)

By strength training dynamically with QiForze two or more days per week, over time you will notice more vitality and stamina to accomplish the work of the day as well as extra reserves of energy for the recreational activities you love. Your body will feel toned and you will notice greater mobility. And getting there is FUN, with exercises like gorillas, sit-outs, burpees and volcano squats. You’ll never again have to worry about what body part or muscle you’re working because QiForze works them all, the way they are meant to move. Don’t isolate, INTEGRATE, with QiForze!

Try QiForze today and tell me about your experience!


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