Making a transition from the standard American diet to a healthy diet full of alkaline, whole foods and other healthy foods, can be very hard when our brain, and our taste buds are used to hyper flavoured foods. The food industry is full of sweets, sauces, and premade/frozen foods which although have made our lives easier, they have certainly made our guts sicker. Our taste buds are spoiled and thus we can’t enjoy anymore the magnificent pallet of flavors in a single bite of a juicy apple.


It is maybe a bit too optimistic to expect that a person who is used to a meal that contains a lot of salt, and treats and/or drinks that contain loads of sugar, is going to be able to feel satiated upon eating a slice of watermelon. The truth is the watermelon has enough nutrients and flavor to satiate one’s appetite for a period of time, but a person who is used to a chocolate bar at 5.30 pm is not going to feel quite satisfied when replacing it with watery fruit.


It takes adapting and neutralizing our taste buds and our bodies back to a balanced diet. It would be foolish to assume that one can make such changes from one day to the next. If you try to force yourself into doing this, you may end up building anxiety towards the treats that you miss and once you can’t handle it anymore you’ll go back to the diet full of toxins and poisonous foods.


The best way to adapt is by finding a balance between the whole food and the junk food. Make muffins, with whole food ingredients, such as carrots, seeds, and berries instead of cow’s milk use coconut or almond milk, try sweetening with whole foods like bananas, maple syrup, or maybe even coconut sugar. Energy balls with almond/peanut butter, flaxseeds oats and cocoa, can be a nice and chocolate tasting snack that you can make in bulk and then keep in your fridge for when the sweets craving kicks in that afternoon. Blended frozen bananas can make delicious ice cream that takes one single ingredient to make (plus any toppings you would like to add).


Don’t deprive yourself from going out to your favorite restaurant. Simply find a healthier option on the menu or perhaps a healthier restaurant; there are thousands of healthier options out there. As people are becoming more aware of this, so are restaurants and corporations. Nowadays, these are more willing to accommodate to the consumer’s eating habits.


Go easy on the sweeteners, the salt and the artificial condiments, reduce the list of ingredients as you go, and before you know, you’ll be snacking on a kiwi like it is your favorite snack in the world. Your taste buds will soon develop and you will be able to enjoy the healthiest foods so that your taste buds’ favorite flavors are your minds’ and body’s favorites as well.


A smooth transition = a long term transformation.

Stay healthy,

Juliana A. Duque





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