Last time, we talked about the imbalance that processed foods can cause in our metabolism, and our body’s ability to know when we have eaten enough.


Many plant based Doctors and specialists, recommend diets that are composed of ONLY whole foods. They claim that their patients immediately start healing their symptoms and weight loss always takes place when the patient is over his/her ideal weight.


The more processed the food is the quicker it will digest, the less satiated you will feel.


So then why are there people who are eating healthy whole food diets full of whole food supplements, and whole food smoothies and nut butters, and are still gaining weight?


There is something we are missing here.


While smoothies, supplements and nut butters are made with WHOLE FOOD ingredients, they are still processed foods. The second you take a fruit and process it through a blender, this fruit is losing its true form. You just took a step that is supposed to happen inside your body; you altered the natural process of digestion.


Let me give you a clear example. You may be perfectly able to drink a smoothie with 8 bananas in it. While if you were to eat them whole, you wouldn’t be able to get past the 5th banana.


While eating them in their natural form, you body is able to tell you when it has had enough, while drinking them in a smoothie it becomes harder for your body to monitor the quantity.


Do you see the difference? This is how processing your food can cause overeating and weight gain.


Smoothies and juices are an example of very healthy choices of processed foods, because you can pack a lot of nutrients in one drink, however, you risk overeating because it is harder for your body to tell when you’ve had enough.


Processed foods are more calorically dense than whole foods are.


I am not saying BY ANY MEANS those supplements, smoothies, and juices are bad. I am saying that it is important to include, as many whole foods in your diet as you can possible have to avoid overeating.


If the occasion calls for it: You are feeling too lazy to cook, you just got back from a workout, you need to eat on the go, or you simply feel like a smoothie, DON’T HOLD BACK, but rather be aware of the quantities you are using, and be reasonable. If you are trying to lose weight don’t pack a smoothie with more food than you could eat in its true form.


Chewing food is great for your metabolism. Get those whole foods in you.


Juliana A. Duque


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