How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle




Because of the busy and hectic nature of our lifestyle, we tend to look for unhealthy shortcuts to get things done. However, unhealthy shortcuts would be completely unnecessary if only we learned how to manage our time in a way that will bring wellbeing and self love back into our days.


Follow these simple Steps:

  1. Change your grocery list. Make sure about 80% of your food purchases are veggies and fruits. Choose to buy fresh products as opposed to processed foods.
  2. Cooking at home is the best way to ensure not only a healthy meal, but also a healthy amount of food. Meal prep sounds like work but when you set out a day or a moment in your day to do it; little effort goes a long way to feed your healthy habits.
  3. Hydration: It is necessary for your body to replenish all the fluid that it naturally loses from daily activities. Drink water; drink it a lot and choose drinks that are low in sugar.
  4. Workout: There’s countless benefits to working out, as we know. You don’t need to do a super hard one-hour workout everyday to enjoy the benefits of physical activity. If you’re going to do it everyday make sure it is something that will fit into your schedule. Keep it short and simple, or long and fun but do it!
  5. Get rid of stress. As we have mentioned before, this is the cause of many diseases. Positive attitudes and with meditation are good strategies to keep the stress at bay.
  6. Sleep: We can’t stress the importance of sleep enough. Keep your phone far away from your bed, and relax your brain before going to bed to improve the quality of your sleep.



There needs to be balance between your body, mind and spirit’s wellness to be able to enjoy life. Don’t obsess over eating and working out, keep it easy for the sake of your mind and spirit, and the sailing will be smooth and enjoyable.



Written by: Silvia Buitrago



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