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What Are Brainwaves?



Do you feel weighed down by stress and anxiety? Are you having trouble sleeping? do you lose focus easily? Would you like to have more energy throughout the day? The key is your brain.

The brain is an organ made up of billions of cells called neurons that are interconnected to form a complex network. Neurons communicate with each other using electrical impulses, and the result of their communication is your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The electrical impulses coming from this mass of neurons communicating with each other creates electrical waves that fluctuate depending on what you’re doing, thinking, or feeling in the moment.


Brain waves have different velocities or frequencies of vibration, and every frequency is associated with different states of consciousness and focus such as deep sleep, relaxation, daily activity, various states of learning and problem solving, anxiety, stress, anger, spiritual peace, meditation, happiness, love, joy, and every other state of focus, consciousness, and emotion that human beings are capable of.

The velocity or frequency of the vibration of the electrical brain waves are measured in cycles per second, as in how many electrical impulses your brain produces per second. The symbol for the velocity of vibration per second is called Hertz, Hz for short. Each and every one of these states of consciousness is directly related to a specific brain wave.

The electrical vibrations of the brain are divided into five different frequencies, or velocity of vibration. Each one is associated with specific states of consciousness and focus. They are:

Delta Waves ( 0.5 To 3 Hz ):


These are the slowest, and are experienced in the deepest states of meditation and dreamless sleep.


In this state of mind you are disconnected from the outside world and you enter into a deep state of healing and recharging. This is a vital state of consciousness in your healing process.

Theta Waves ( 3 To 8 Hz ):

These are also produced while you are asleep or in a deep state of meditation. You experience the state of consciousness associated with Theta waves when you are falling asleep or waking up, when you are dreaming, or experiencing intense visualizations or intuition.


 In this state of consciousness you store all your fears and problems, but it is also the state of consciousness that is associated with learning and memory.

Alpha Waves ( 8 To 12 Hz ):


These waves are present when you are simultaneously calm and alert in which your thoughts occur in a fluid and tranquil manner. However, this is not a state of meditation, but rather a state of relaxation in which you are calm and mindful.

This state may be described as sublime, floating, light, and peaceful and is a state of consciousness that aids mental coordination, obtaining calmness, mind-body integration and the capacity of learning.

In this state, a better performance in life can be achieved.

Beta Waves ( 12 to 38 Hz ):


These waves are present in your normal awake state of mind, when your attention is directed to tasks in the outside world.


Beta is associated with fast brain activity; when you’re alert, attentive, problem solving, weighing situations and making decisions.

Beta status should not be maintained for a prolonged period of time as it consumes a large amount of brain energy.

Gamma Waves ( 38 to 42 Hz ):


These waves are the fastest and live at the highest frequency.

In this state you are processing information simultaneously in different areas of your brain when you’re consolidating information.


These waves are so fast that you have to be calm in order to connect with them.

Gamma is a state that is also related to an expanded spiritual conscience.


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